How to Keep Your Black Card

I was musing about  music from the late  80’s early 90’s.  In contrast to a lot of today’s music, it was “dope.”  Being from a musical background and being a theater child, I love musical references or music dialogue. That being said, I would like to introduce to you Keisha, Brenda’s BFF whose currently living in China. Keisha is home in the U.S.  for  a month and Brenda wants to ensure that Keisha doesn’t forget her black roots.

Real Deal Wash & Go!

I was one of those ladies who would watch  YouTube hair videos all the time. That is until, I realized, the hairstyles were a little unrealistic in terms of time. It takes 3 days to achieve some hairstyles. Who on earth has time to do that? College students maybe and since I do sketch comedy…..I decided to spoof it. Husband interrupting and all that jazz. Check out the newly married Doctor Oyelowo, with Real Deal, Wash & Go!


Hi All,

Thanks for checking out my blog: Almeria Campbell Presents.  My names is Almeria Campbell & I’m an actor in N.Y.C.  This is my sketch comedy show, B.S.L. (Black Single Ladies) starring Brenda Kelley. Veterinarian by day & black, single lady, by night.

After 3, count them, 3 dates, Brenda’s boo thang decides he likes it and he wants to put a ring on it. Check out the video, subscribe, and share it with people’s ya know. One love! Almeria Campbell.




Ode to L.A.M.P.

Hello World. My name is Almeria Campbell, I’m a NYC based Actor, Writer and Singer. This blog is really a vlog, to introduce you to a  sketch character I’ve been working on, Brenda. Brenda is a B.S.L. ( a black single lady) who lives in NYC. She has an interesting life, to say the least. She loves  vlogging & sharing her daily bread with her friend Keisha & you, the audience. Keisha  lives in China currently for reasons we will explore later . Check out my weekly skits & feel free to share with a friend.  The name of this skit is: Ode To L.A.M.P. I am huge fan of Steve Carell  & Anchor Man, hence the name, Ode to L.A.M.P.

Enjoy!sexy back 1